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The Year In Pot: Top 10 Events That Will Change the Way We Think About Marijuana
No Impact Project Provides Free Environmental Education Curriculum for Teachers
Democrats Finally Get It: Going It Alone on Health Care Reform
Milk: Does It Really Do a Body Good?
12 Myths About Electric Vehicles
It's Time to Get to Work Fixing Our Economic and Political Problems
The Year Food Was Totally Schizoid: Growing Local Takes Off, as Giant Agribiz Becomes Dominant
The Fast Food Industry's 7 Most Heinous Concoctions
Announcing the 2009 P.U.-litzer Prizes
10 Reasons the U.S. Military Should (Officially) Use Pot
Alternet's Most Popular Sex and Drug Stories of 2009
One Day We'll All Be Terrorists
America the Traumatized: How 13 Events of the Decade Made Us the PTSD Nation
Monopoly Capitalism Is the Root of All of America's Problems
Take Your Money Out of the Hands of the Banking Oligarchs
Combining the House and Senate Health Care Bills
How the Religious Right Stole Christmas
Jesus Hated War -- Why Do Christians Love It So Much?
Beyond Magical Thinking: How to Really Make Change Happen
Wall Street's 10 Greatest Lies of 2009
Global Warming: The Biochar Solution
The Best Explanation of Why We Need to Address Climate Change (Video)
Kucinich Speaks on Afghanistan, Jobs, Generals, Constitution (Video)

New Ad Takes Obama to Task for Ditching Public Option (Video)

How Real Health Care Reform Was Killed by Politicians Trying to Look 'Moderate'
The Ten Worst Nightmares Bush Inflicted on America
7 Reasons Why Crying is Good for You
Stunning Statistics About the War in Afghanistan Every American Should Know
Matt Taibbi, Bill Moyers and Robert Kuttner: Why Can't Democrats Do Anything Right?
Huge Signature Gathering Success Send Pot Legalization to Ballot
Former Police Chief Norm Stamper: 'Let's Not Stop at Marijuana Legalization'
Why Our System Doesn't Work
For Obama, No Opportunity Is Too Big to Blow
Can We Rescue the Republic Before the Dark Politics Take Over?
Undercover Investigation Show Horrors of the Pork Industry
5 Things the Corporate Media Don't Want You to Know About Cannabis
Wall Street Bonuses Rise as Big 3 May Pay $30 Billion
Paid Lying: What Passes for Major Media Journalism
Michael Pollan Spreads Message About the Real Price of Cheap Food, Despite Censorship by Beef Magnate
Big Brother is in Your Home
ACTA -- A Patriot Act For the Internet
DARPA: Inventing This Side of the Impossible
Will Anyone Ever Go to Jail in Connection with Wall Street Crimes?
The Day Has Finally Arrived: The Plunder of Iraq's Oil
A Morally Bankrupt Military: When Soldiers and Their Families Become Expendable
Scahill: Obama May Be Afraid of Blackwater
We Should All Mind Our Own Business
Police Property Seizures Ensnare Even the Innocent
Welcome Home, War! How America's Wars are Systematically Destroying Our Liberties
10 Most Surprising Places to Find Petroleum
Panic! at the Citgo: Running Out of Oil, and Why the 450 is the New 350
Reflections on Glass-Steagall and Maniacal Regulation
To Make Memories, New Neurons Must Erase Older Ones
Bicarbondate of Soda Used to Cure Stage Four Prostate Cancer?
What Obama Can Learn from Gorbachev
Israeli Terrorism Against America?? INCONCEIVABLE!
Gerald Celente: "American Public Losing Everything to Fascists Oligarchs"
UN Investigator Accused US of Shameful Neglect of the Homeless
Obama and Pelosi Violate First Amendment on Health Care Abortion Amendment
Ex-Blue Cross Spokesman Says Health Insurance "Worst Product in American History'
Bacteria Expect the Unexpected
How Saturated Fatty Acids "Anger" the Immune System (and How to Stop Them)
Report: 237 Millionaires In Congress
Israel's Right or Not to Exist - the Facts and the Truth
Israel's Worst Enemy's Are Those Who Support Its Policies, Claims Chomsky
Google Dashboard Knows Too Much
The Internet as You Know It Will Cease to Exist
What is Veganic Agriculture?
Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency
Climate-Change Authority Advocates Vegetarianism
Ginger as a Healer: Morning Sickness and Inflammation
Do Primates Feel Compassion?
Diabetes Awareness Month: It's Not Always a Silent Killer
Nutrients Depleted by Common Pharmaceutical Drugs
The Center for Consumer Freedom Wants You to Close Your Eyes to Animal Abuse
The Fall of the Berlin Wall - After 20 Years, Isn't It Time to Dispel the Myth of Reagan?
Harry Reid Announces Senate Health Bill with Public Option
Conservatives Are Rewriting the Bible to Free It from "Liberal Bias"
Our Economy Was a Scam and Now We're Dead Broke
6 Signs That the American Empire Is Coming to an Early End
The Case for Marijuana Legalization and Regulation
What's So Scary About Michael Pollen? Why Corporate Agriculture Tried to Sensor His University Speech
FOX's Political Witch Hunt Against ACORN Exposed (Video)
Holy Cow, Is Congress Getting Serious About Real Health Care Reform?
Is the End Near for the Right-Wing's Vice Grip on U.S. Israeli Policy
Why Obama Has to Do What Letterman Did: Refuse to Pay Hush Money
Can a Vegan Diet Cure Diebetes?
An Historical Shift: America Jews Rethink Israel
German Scientists: We Have Broken Speed of Light
A Stronger IMF and World Bank: A Threat to All People of Conscience
Three Solutions to Our Water and Population Problems
Sen. Bernie Sander: The Fight for Better Health Care
How Are Some Middle-Class Families Coping with Recession? Growing Pot
Meet the Senators in the Creepy Right-Wing Cult Trying to Defeat Health Care Reform
The Hazards of Flouride in Food and Water
Report Finds Massive Hidden Energy Costs, Mostly from Coal
Right-Wingers Believe Ayn Rand's Every Word, But They Forget She Wrote Fiction
Possible Major Speed Bump on the Way to Legal Marijuana
Bill Moyers: Was the Financial Bailout Just a Slick, Friendly Takeover of the Federal Government?
The Fall of the Maya: They Did It to Themselves
Scientists Discover Bacterium that Transmutes Gold, Were the Alchemists Right?
What Is Human?
What Happened to Global Warming?
A Media Failure Compounds the Financial Failure
More Charlie Sheen & 911: Why Now?
Americans and Perpetual War
Gore Vidal's United States of Fury
Big Insurance Reverses Course and Launches Attack on Health Reform
$214 Billion in Obama's Stimulus Money is Still Out There: 10 Ways You Can Benefit From It
Nobel Committee Admits Getting Into Derivatives Trading in Giving Peace Prize to Obama
A Veil of Strangeness
UN, Interpol Create International Police Force
US Policies Give Rise to 'Secession' Talks
From Delusion to Vindictiveness
The REAL Battle Over America's Banking System
Companies Like Monsanto and Dupont Practically Own the Meal on Your Plate
Rachel Maddow Takes on the Man Doing Corporate Agribusiness' Dirty Work
Warning: Eating Meat May Cause Sickness, Paralysis and Death
Do You Want the Right to Kill Yourself? Renegade Doctor Offers Controversial 'Death Kit'
8 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Milk Now
What Recession? As the Economy Crashed Around Them, 400 Richest Americans Lined Their Pockets with $30 Billion
A Solution For Diabetes: A Vegan Diet
The Vegan Evolution: A New Era for Humanity
Pass JUSTICE Act: Reform Patriot Act, Repeal Telecomm Immunity
Will Fossil Fuel Subsidies Become Extinct?
The Calcium Myth
We Need a 'People's Bailout'
Climate Change Occurring Faster Than Expected
Obama Administration Wants to Continue Surveillance law
10 Steps to Disastrous Financial Reform We Can't Allow the Government to Take
Glenn Greenwald: Right-Wingers and Corporations Benefit While Media Stays Distracted with ACORN
ACORN: The Most Cost-Effective Investment the Government (and Foundations) Have Every Made
Our Oil Addiction Is About to Make Life a Lot Nastier
Mutations Make Evolution Irreversible: By Resurrecting Ancient Proteins, Researchers Find That Evolution Can Only Go Forward
Desperate Food Industry Tries to Tar Michael Pollen and Organic Produce
Why Not Sanctions for Israel?
U.S. Moves to Adopt 6 Net Neutrality Rules
Artificially Intelligent CCTV Could Prevent Crimes Before They Happen
Obama's Disappointing State Secrets Procedures
DoJ Official Blows Cover Off PATRIOT Act
Euro Project to Arrest Us for What They Think We Will Do
The Mystique of "Free-Market Guy" Obama
Geo-Engineering Could Save the Planet... and in the Process Sacrifice the World
Is Eating a Plant Based Diet a Cure for Cancer?
Naomi Klein Interviews Michael Moore on the Perils of Capitalism
Obama at the UN: Pragmatic Idealism
To Democrats Who Voted to "Defund ACORN": Where's the Defund Blackwater Act?
Obama Administration Announces New Plan to Save Oceans, Will It Be Enough?
The Economy Is a Lie, too
The 9/11 Commission Rejects Own Report as Based on Government Lies
With Global Capitalism Exposed as a Sham, All the Global Elite Have Left Is Pure Force
Feedlot Cows Fed 1 Billion Pounds of Chicken Waste Yearly
Five Cures for the Unemployment Blues
Would You Know How to Survive After the Oil Crash?
Is the U.S. Really on the Brink of Budget Collapse?
Twenty-Seven Million Slaves
Is America Hooked on War?
Quietly, Sotomayor Turns on Corporations
Atheists are Most Hated and Distrusted Minority
Christian Groups Block Showing of Darwin Movie in U.S.?
Russia Moves to Revamp Cuba Military
Inside the LC: The Strange But Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation
5 Reasons the Baucus Health Bill Fails the basics
Why I Threw My Shoe AT Bush
Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?
Bill Moyers: Conservative Radicals and the Politics of Vengeance
FCC to Take on Telecoms in Fight for the Future of the Internet
Free The Net and End the Digital Divide!
Health Care Deceit
Obama Tip-Toes Around Wall Street's Looming Meltdown
Where the White House is Placing Its Bets on Health Care
The Continuing Disaster of Wall Street, One Year Later
Stiglitz Says Banking Problems Are Now Bigger Than Pre-Lehman
President Obama on Wall Street, Consumer Financial Protection Agency and that He is Not Socialist
Economics Is Not Natural Science
The Return of King Hemp?
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations, But Were Afraid to Ask
Washington Post Provided Bias Coverage of Tea Party Protest
Calculate Your Biorhyms
911: Truth, Trutherism, and Truthiness
Hijacked Civil Liberties: The Legacy of 9/11
Obama's Health Care Speech: Press Reaction
Immigration: Piecemeal Reform Is Dangerous
The Truth Behind Public Option (Video)
Obama Makes Moral Case for Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform is Not an Issue of States Rights
Food Reform, Health Reform. How About Income Reform?
Out of Service
Go See The Cove!
My Fellow Americans -- The Speech Obama Should Give on Health Care
Michael Moore's "Capitalism" Flick Rips Into Crimes at Wall Street
Wall Street's New Bubble: Life Insurance Gamble
Brains are Shrinking in the Overweight: a Look at Why
Stop Male Genital Mutilation: Circumcision is Unnecessary, Painful and Costly
How Dick Cheney's Radical Acts in the White House Still Threaten Our Democracy
Four More Years of Bailout Ben
Blue Dogs Have More to Lose Than Progressives
Conservatives Protest Obama's Nefarious Plot to Have Schoolchildren Learn Things in School
Eisenhower's Forgotten Warning and the Threat of Authoritarian Currents in Our Politics
Number of Americans on Food Stamps Rising
The Afghanistan-Pakistan War: Obama's Vietnam?
How Farm-Raised Salmon Are Turning Our Oceans Into Dangerous and Polluted Feedlots
Milk May Endanger Your Health, and the Dairy Industry Knows It
Drug Use by Political Candidates Isn't a Deal Breaker, But Hypocrisy on the Issue Should Be
An Army of Home-Shooled "Christian Soldiers" on a Mission to "Take Back America for God"
Bill Moyers: Mr. President, We Need a Fighter to Take on the Deranged Right-Wing
Corporate Media Continue to Play to Conservative Arguments on Health Reform
15 Best Foods to Improve Your Immunity
Money-Driven Medicine: Wall Street Wins; You Lose (Video)
Making Sense of the Senate's Inside Game
Latin America Ditches "War on Drugs"
Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States
Go to Pittsburgh, Young Man, and Defy Your Empire
The Popularity of High Fructose Corn Syrup
Historical Facts About the Dangers (and Failures) of Vaccines
Avoid Table Salt: Learn Why You Should Switch to Unrefined Sea Salt
Researchers Identify Protein Involved in Causing Gum Disease, Osteoporosis, Arthritis
Obama's Squandered Honeymoon: How Botched Bailouts Hampered Health Care Reform
A Few Good Kids?
Tyson Fined $2M For Mucking Up Missouri River
Lies About Health Care Reform Republicans Have Told Me
Opponents of Health Reform: Stupid, Greedy, or Just Gullible?
Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer
Prince of Pot Marc Emery on Farwell Tour as US Prison Term Looms
5 Ways to Build a Fascist-Proof America
Big Oil Gets in on Right-Wing Astroturf Game
Rethinking Food Production For a World of Eight Billion
Name the Public Option After Kennedy, Not a Watered Down Bill
Will Biometric Passports Lead to a State of Constant Surveilance?
Re-Appointed Fed Chief Ben Bernanke Didn't Get Us Out of the Economic Crisis, He Helped Cause It
'Crude': The Film Chevron Doesn't Want You to See
Key Ways to Reform Corporate Elections
Farewell to Senator Kennedy, Champion of Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform Without Kennedy: Remembering Kennedy and His Cause
It's Robbery: Health Care Proposals in Congress Look More Like a Rip Off Than Reform
Desperate Food Industry Tries to Tar Michael Pollan and Organic Produce
There Are More Slaves Today Than at Any Other Time in Human History
Big Brother in Your Pocket
China Aggressively Reducing US Debt - Sign of Things to Come
Strontium, Not Calcium, Builds Strong Bones
Research Shows High Glycemic Foods Damage Arteries
Doctors Don't Work for You Anymore
Nearly 10 percent of Health Spending for Obesity
Millions Face Shrinking Social Security Payments
FDIC Out of Fund. Is America Days Away from Economic Chaos?
Why Do Women Orgasm?
The Fallacy of Climate Activism
Wal-Mart Faces Its Day of Reckoning
Factory Farms Breed Dangerous Foods
Have Republicans Turned Into a Weird Religious Cult?
More Evidence That Marijuana Prevents Cancer
20 Foods That Make You Smarter
The Exponential Idiocy of 'Moderate' Democrats
Michael Moore on His Latest: 'I Made This Movie as if It Was Going to Be the Last I Was Allowed to Make'
Can the Enviro Movement Be Saved? That's the Hope of the New Film 'Earth Days'
New CEO to AIG: "It's Not Your Fault, It's Their Fault."
We Owe Our Veterans Health Care
Satire: U.S. Congress Deadlocked Over How to Not Provide Health Care
Vanishing Liberties
Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession
Worldwide Battle Rages for Control of the Internet
Genetic Link Between Physical Pain and Social Rejection Found
And Why Are We in Afghanistan?
Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future
7 Delicious Meat Alternatives (and Not a Lick of Tofu in Sight)
Obama and the Dems Just Sound Too Wonky on Health Care
Ten Things That Are Missing from Obamb's Health  Care Reform Debate
How Pharma Giants Are Getting Rich by Calling Our Life Problems 'Medical Disorders'
Is Obama Squandering Our Best Chance for Better Health Care?
NBC, CBS, ABC, & Fox Happy to Profit from Marijuana, as Long as Nobody Talks About Legalizing It
The Commonwealth of Morons
Is Obama Just Another Politician?
The Shocking Benefits of Legalizing Pot
Is the U.S. on the Brink of Fascism?
7 Ways We Can Fight Back Against the Rising Fascist Threat
Our Last Chance to Preserve Life On Earth Is Slipping Away
Sick for Profit: Robert Greenwald on MSNBC
Anti-Choice Zealots Make Bank Promoting the "Personhood" of Zygotes
Health Care Tyranny: They Stay In Power, You Stay Sick
President Reagan Rests in Peace... But Will His Voo-Doo Economics Ever Die?
Whose Water Is It? Water Rights in the Age of Scarcity
Drop Milk?
Break Your Food Seduction with PCRM's Vegan Kickstart
Can the Enviro Movement Be Saved? That's the Hope of the New Film "Earth Days"
Orgasmic Organics: 20 Healthy Ways to Rev Up Your Sex Life
Mining's Destructive Legacy on Waterways
Burning Questions for the Author's of 'Marijuana Is Safer'
10 Awesome Thing That Would Happen If Health Care Reform Happens
Corporate Dominance in Every Aspect of Our Lives is Suffocating Us
No Matter What Lies the Right-Wing Screams, the Brits Love Their Health Care System
Stop Socialized Medicine! Pledge to Refuse Medicare Coverage Now and Forever!
Liberal Christians Ban Together to Aid Health Reform
13 Secret Toxins Lurking in Your Food, and How to Avoid Them
The Tragedy of Our 'Disappeared' Veterans
California Closer to Legalizing Pot
How the White House's Deal with Big Pharmacy Undermines Democracy
The Threat Is Real: Why Right-Wing Rage at Town Hall Meetings Could Turn Deadly
Inside Story on Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Groups Do Corporate America's Dirty Work
Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?
Health Insurance Hell
Hightower: Think Your Foods Organic? Think Again
How We Became a Society of Gluttonous Junk Food Addicts
Why Can't the U.S. Guarantee the Most Basic of Human Rights -- The Right to Clean Water?
The Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act: The Most Dangerous Domestic Terror Law You Never Heard Of
Flesh-Eating Robots Developed for Pentagon
Why Silk Soy Milk's Parent Company Is Throwing American Farmers and Consumers Under the Bus
What's the Future of Journalism? Anything's Better than Advertiser-Financed Corporate Media
We Need Clear Thinking: There Should Be No Clash Between Public Option and Single Payer
Climate Change Calculus
How Dennis Kucinich May Save the Health Reform Battle
Corporate Media Runs with Half the Story on Health Bill
450,000 Can't Be Wrong About Health Care Reform
Health Care Tyranny: They Stay in Power, You Stay Sick
Serious About Green Jobs? It's Time to Through 'Free Trade' Out the Window
The Ugly Racism of the Right Will Be Their Undoing
How Bad Will the Economy Get? Really, Really Bad
Consciousness Capitalism: Corporations Are Now After Our Very Beings
Bill Moyers: Dangerous Alliance of Health Industry and Right-Wingers Will Stop at Nothing to Derail Progressive Reforms
Like Your Private Health Care? Here's Why You Can Actually Thank the Government for That
How Constant War Became the American Way of Life
Cowardice Among 'Christian' Leaders: Why the Churches Are Largely Mum on Torture
Republicans Will Be Toast in 2010 If the Dems Pass Health Reform, and They Know It
Why Midwestern Small Towns Have Been Ravaged by Meth Addiction
How Corporate Media, Sellouts in Congress and Industry Bigs Have Hijacked the Health  Care Debate
Sen. Russ Feingold: White House Is Whistling Past Afghan Graveyard
Why the Anti-Choice Movement Is on the Verge of Civil War
Three Good Reasons to Liquidate Our Empire and 10 Ways to Do It
Nobody's Talking About the Silver Bullet that Could Heal the Economy and Cure Most Social Ills
Pelosi: Health Insurance Companies the Real "Villains"
It's Not Hard to Be a Job-Slashing, Pension-Grabbing CEO -- If You're a Sociopath
The End of Money: Take Power Back from the Money and Banking Monopoly
Our Economy Has Failed -- It's the Reaganomics Stupid!
Why EPA, Not Coal Burners, Should Be in Charge on Climate Change
How the Ultra-Rich Are Trying to Kill Health Reform
The Wall Street Health Care Connection: Fat Cats Want to Tax Your Benefits
Do Grown-Ups Really Need to Drink Milk?
Is Big Pharma Trying to Take All the Fun Out of Pot?
California: Oakland Voters Approve Nation's First Marijuana Business Tax
If You Love the Internet, Fight for It
Space Travel: The Path to Human Immortality?
The Scandal Continues: The Billions in Govt. Cash Behind Goldman's "Profits"
Bailout Watch-Dog Elizabeth Warren on Reining in the Banksters (Video)
Should We Legalize Marijuana to Close the Budget Deficit?
Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella Burgers - With a Side of Flame Retardents
The Drug War in Six Acts
Love Thy Neighbor: The Immorality of Marijuana Prohibition
Censored on TV: Why Are Some Stations Keeping Pot in the Closet?
Kevin Spacey Is the Latest Pot-Puffing Shrink to Hit the Movie Screens -- Why Is This a Trend?
The New Energy Bill May Create a 'Super Lobby' of Powerful Opposition
Finally, Someone Has Made Global Warming Cool
Howard Dean: "This is Ridiculous. We're 60 Years Behind the Times" on Fixing Health Care
Taibbi's Scream: Stop the Political System That Has Let Goldman Sachs Fleece Us for 90 Years
From Farm to Pharma: How Animals Ended Up Living in Confined Feed Lots Guzzling Antibiotics
Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny
The Dark Side of Climate Change: It's Already Too Late, Cap and Trade is a Scam, and Only the Few Will Survive
Goldman Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine
Eating Meat Is Not Natural
Will We Still Eat Meat, Drink Milk, and Fry Eggs in 2109?
Do You Know of the Narcotic Effects of Nutmeg?
Rhode Island Will License Medical Marijuana Shops
Legal Pot in California by 2010? "Oaksterdam" Provides the Model
Rules of Disengagement: What You Can Do to End Illegal Wars
We're Screwed on Everything from Health Care to the Economy is Dems Don't Shape Up
Big Ag's Big Lie About Organic Food
Republican Hypocrisy Summed Up
Are Small Banks America's Next Cash Crop?
Taking Down the Corporate Food Chain Is Simple
Slow Down: How Our Fast-Paced World Is Making Us Sick
Corporate Campaign Contribution Make Us All Sick - Literally
The Results Are In: A Public Health Plan Saves Big Money
Hey Progressives: Why Don't You Care About the "Drug War" Like You Care About Other Issues?
Could Cap and Trade Cause Another Market Meltdown?
Water for Energy: The Bad Bet for Biofuels
New Solar Power Plants May Threaten Scarce Desert Water Resources
Glenn Beck Thinks Progressives are Toxic - What Kind of America Does He Want?
The Corporate Media State Has Deformed American Culture -- Time to Fight Back?
We've Been Trapped Inside a Bad Health Care System So Long, We Don't Even Know How Much We Are Missing
Rolling Stone's Expose Declares Goldman Sachs Behind Every Market Crash Since 1920s
Chamber of Commerce Launches $100 Million Campaign to Protect Wall Street's Power at Our Expense
Spending $102 Billion a Year on 800 Worldwide Military Basis is Bankrupting the Country
Can Engaging with a Radical Religion Help Save Progressives from Self-Indulgence?
Thanks to Our Fossil Fuel Addiction, We May Be Setting Ourselves Up for a Catastrophic Natural Event
Help Save the Earth, Time to Substitute Hemp for Oil
Taking Down the Corporate Food System Is Simple
Corporate Profits Muscle Out the Public Option
Next on the Endangered Species List: Your Hometown Newspaper
Warning: Health Care Lobbyists Are Winning the Battle to Screw All of Us
Food Inc: Michael Pollan and Friends Reveal the Food Industy's Darkest Secrets
Americans Want a Pubic Option on Health Care -- Here's How We Can Make It Happen
A Plea to President Obama: End Mountaintop Coal Mining
Gas Pump Thievery: Who's Really Behind the Rising Prices at the Pumps?
Will the Right Succeed in Butchering the American Clean Energy and Security Act?
Why You May Be Stuck Holding the Bill for the Largest Tax Payer Rip Off
Progressives Have a Chance to Dominate American Politics for the Next 40 Years
Don't Blame Pot -- There's No Such Thing as a "Gateway Drug"
"Weird" Sex Fantasies, and Why They're Good for You

Was Ronald Reagan a Worse President Than George W. Bush?

Stuck in Your Job Because You Need Health Benefits? You're Not Alone
Students Aren't Customers; Education Is Not a Commodity
Our Economy Is Going to keep Tanking as Long as We Keep Shoveling Billions to Rich People
The Results Are In: America are Now More Closely Aligned with Progressive Ideas Than at Any Time in Memory
Obama Calls for Health Care Reform Now... or Never
Medical Research Bought Off by Big Pharma
Economic Fallout Has Spurred an Epidemic of Murder and Suicide That  Has Gone Largely Unnoticed
Carbon Capture Can't Make Coal Clean
From Watchdog to Lapdog: An Insiders History of the EPA
Deadly Salmonella: Frozen Foods Newest Ingredient
10 Sleazy Ways That Golden Sachs Distracted Us While Pocketing Billions from the Treasury
Green to the Grave: Eco-Friendly Burials Catching On
Why Obama Should Take Notes from Cuba on a Green Energy Revolution
Clean Energy Bill Survives: Political Realists Rejoice, Climate Science Realists Demand More
Bill Moyers: How Can We Expect an Industry that Profits from Disease and Sickness to Police Itself?
Why Unfettered Capitalism Is Bad for Your Diet
We Spend Twice as Much on Health Care as Other Rich Countries -- and What Do We Get for It?
Canadians Take Notice, the U.S. is Militarizing the Border
Just When You Thought the Corporate Rip-Off Schemes Couldn't Get Any Worse...
Why Do Christians Worship Greed?
Obama's Drug Czar Call for End to 'War on Drugs'
Do Perfectionists Face Early Deaths? New Study Suggests Yes
Time for a Truth Commission
The Bad Guys of Subprime Lending are Raking in Bailout Billions
Wall St. and the Media Are Trying to Make Us Forget Who Started the Financial Crash
How We Talk About the Environment Has Everything to Do with Whether We'll Save It
The 13 Bush Officials Who Made Torture Possible
Why Goldman Sachs Is the Greediest and Most Dastardly of the Wall Street Pigs
Grim Tales of Abuse Emerge from the Irish Catholic Church
Forget "Centrists", We Need Progressives in the Supreme Court -- Right Wingers Will Fight Whomever Obama Picks
Humans Seem Hell Bent on Committing Mass Suicide -- But There's Still Hope
How Do We Curb Carbon: The Debate Over an Emissions Cap or a Tax
Armed Forces Community Takes Up Global Warming Cause: It's an Urgent Matter of National Security
Waxman-Markey: Will Congress Cave to Big Industry and Kill One of the Most Important Pisces of Legislation Ever?
The Battle for Healthcare Begins
Supreme Court Hands Medical Marijuana Major Victory
Right-to-Die Doctor Goes on Tour with Suicide Workshops
Would You Call 60,000 Cows Fenced Together on a Dirt Patch a "Farm"?
No One's Falling for Big Health's Bogus Promise to "Reform"
Baby Boomer Alert: The Truth Behind Social Security Propaganda
Agriculture Is One of the Most Polluting and Dangerous Industries
Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?
Memo to Media: Populism Is a Rebellion Against Corporate Power -- It's Not Just Stupid Raw Anger
The Disease of Permanent War
Will Obama End the War on Drugs?
Howard Zinn: Changing Obama's Military Mindset
Our Appetite for Animals Is Taking Toward Apocalypse
Pot Continues to Climb in Public Opinion Polls -- Zogby Goes Over 50%
The Media Doesn't Get That Hyping Potent Pot Makes More People Want to Smoke It
Is Whole Foods Just Another Evil Corporation?
The Good Times as We Knew It Aren't Coming Back, So Now What?
Michael Pollan: "Don't Buy Any Food You've Ever Seen Advertised"
Good News, There's a Climate Bill -- Bad News, It Stinks
Cheney's Chief Assassin Is Now Obama's Commander in Afghanistan
Washington's Best Kept Secret: McCain-Feingold Works
Michael Moore: Madoff Is a Convenient Distraction for a Bunch of Crooks Who Aren't In Jail
The Morality of Marijuana
Sex Was More Fun in the 1970s
Will California Say No to Ethanol?
The Earth Is a Ponzi Scheme on the Verge of Collapse
Republicans Are Shrinking: Sen. Specter's Defection Is a Promising Sign for the Dems
The Swine Flu Crisis Lays Bare the Meat Industries Monstrous Power
Newsflash: Populism Is Popular
Republicans Threaten to Become Bigger Assh*les
Bill Maher: The GOP Is Acting Like a Guy Who Got Dumped
'60 Minutes' Blows It on Coal Segment
A Serial Job-Killer Is Stalking America
America's Schizoid Pot Culture -- 4 in 10 Have Smoked It, and Millions Are Still Getting Busted
The Soaring Rate of Abandoned Animals Is the Latest Sign of a Deep Economic Crisis
How Big Pharma Distorts Science to Get FDA Approval for Dangerous Drugs

More Americans Believe Global Warming Natural Versus Man Made

The TARP Queen: Why We Should All Bow to Elizabeth Warren
The Sorry State of Online Privacy

Are We Mad to Let Big Brother Google to Take Over the World?

Conservative Live in a Different Moral Universe -- and Here's Why It Matters
SexPot: Want to Have Great Sex? Smoke a Joint
TARP Watchdog Elizebeth Warren Explains Treasury's Strategy, and Why It May Not Be Enough
Pot vs. Booze: A Former Police Chief's Take
Reefer Madness: 5 Broadway Shows That "light Up" the Stage
13 Breathtaking Effects of Cutting Back on Meat
The Ethical Slut Returns: Into Threesomes, Foursomes, Moresomes?
It Is Damn Well Time to Shake Off the Bank Lobby
The Health Care Industry and Their Capital Hill Protectors Are Sabotaging Our Chance for True Reform
Testicular Politics: Obama Is Getting Punked By the Big Dogs of Banking, Does He Have the Balls to Do What's Right?
We Still Don't Know If Vaccines Are Safe
Neocon Fantasies of Empire Crushed: The New Global Reality
We Must Nationalize, Reorganize, and Decentralize the Banks
Surprise! Higher Taxes on the Rich Wildly Popular
Honeybees Continue to Vanish: Don't Blame Aliens -- It's Our Addiction to Pesticides That's at Fault
How to Think About Taxes
Tax Day: You Pay Your Taxes -- Why Don't the Rich Pay Their Share?
Geithner and Summers Want More Debt Bubbles: The Result Could Be Catastrophic
Have We Hit the Limits of Human Population?
Consumption, Not Population, Is Our Main Environmental Threat
Wired Less: Disconnected in Urban America
Legalizing Pot Makes Lot of Cents for Our Cash-Starved Government
We're Being Lied to About Pirates
A Solar Revolution May Be Coming to Your Town
Water and Energy: How Congress Can Solve Two Problems at Once
The Time to Protest Is Now! Rally to Break Up the Banks
How the Toxic Asset Program Will Magically Make Your Money Disappear
Too Big to Fail? Take It Over
Put Down the Knife! 11 Reasons Not to Circumcise
Massive Protests Organized Through Twitter and Facebook
Congress Pushing Covert Bailout to Save Big Finance and Screw Homeowners
Coke Is Great for You
Labor: WOW, What a Week!
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