General Information

SELF EXPRESSIONS is a Special Quarterly Publication geared to Serve Mainly The Members and Associations of Self Expressions Unlimited... and to Generally Promote and Represent the "Free Creative Spirit" in Everyone. It is Published Once during Each Season of the Year, Specifically during the Months of MARCH (Spring), JUNE (Summer), SEPTEMBER (Fall) and DECEMBER (Winter). We Invite Everyone to Actively Participate.

SELF EXPRESSIONS Guarantees Confidentiality to all Individuals Appearing in the SELF EXPRESSIONS Quarterly. We will not Release or Print an Individuals Name and/or Address without Written or Implied Permission from the Individual. 

Material Published in SELF EXPRESSIONS Does Not Necessarily Constitute an "Endorsement" by SELF EXPRESSIONS or Self Expressions Unlimited. We accept No Legal Responsibility for Any Unwanted Transactions resulting from Responses to Material or from Advertisements Appearing in The SELF EXPRESSIONS Quarterly.

SELF EXPRESSIONS Reserves the Right to Edit and/or Reject any Material Submitted for Publication and The Right to Reject or Cancel any Material or Advertisement found to be Misleading or Misrepresented. "Complaints" and/or Relevant Information concerning this matter are both Requested and Appreciated.


"SELF EXPRESSIONS" is Copyrighted in order to Protect The Creative Art Work and Other Self Expressive Material appearing in The SELF EXPRESSIONS Quarterly Issue. SELF EXPRESSIONS though "does" Grant The Right to Any Individual or Group to Reprint "IN WHOLE" and Distribute FREE OF CHARGE The SELF EXPRESSIONS Quarterly. Reproduction "IN PART" is Not Permitted without EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT of The Individual "OWNER" of the Material.


The Society of Self Expressions Unlimited Mainly Seeks to "Represent" The Creative and Self Expressive Individual... and to help Them Introduce Their Material to Other Individuals, Groups and Publications. For this Reason, Only The "Non-Exclusive" Publication Rights are Requested from Individuals Submitting Creative Materials to SELF EXPRESSIONS and The SEU Society for Publication. This is done so that the Contributing Member or Nonmember of SEU can also Submit and have Their Material Published in any Other Various Publication and/or Media and still Retain "Ownership" of Their Creative Self Expressions. SELF EXPRESSIONS Serves to Promote Their Work.