The SELF Expressions Quarterly ePub uses "Frames" to display the various Pages of The Publication. While they are not entirely uncommon in Web Publishing... for the average Surfer they may be a little confusing.

The 2 Frames on this Page are the "Contents" Frame on Your Left... and the "Main Frame" which You are reading from now. By making "Menu Selections" (clicking on Hyperlinks)... You can go back and forth between Various Pages in the 2 Frames.

For example... to see the Quarterly ePub Issues... You can either click on "Current" or "Archived" above the Contents Frame on Your Left. That will cause "this Frame" to be replaced by one of the "ePub" Frames. Then by clicking on a particular ePub "Issue"... the "Issue Menu" will replace the Main Menu that is there now. From there, You select the various SELF Expressions You wish to View. :)

To get back to the "Main Menu"... just click on the "Main Menu" Link below the Contents Frame on Your Left.