Welcome to SELF Expressions... and The SELF Expressions Quarterly ePubs!
Hopefully, You will Enjoy the Creative SELF Expressions from the many People who have Participated and Contributed to the ePub Issues that are offered here.

While the Publication never grew to what I had originally hoped for... I have to say that I am rather pleased and proud of what has been accomplished over the years. Lots of Life Time & Energy in these Pages!

I started the Organization of SELF Expressions Unlimited in 1973... but didn't really get the SELF Expressions Publication going till the early '80s. Back then, I didn't even have a Computer... and did everything by Typewriter and "Paste Up". I then went to an Office Supply Business to have My Copy "Electrostatically" Copied. Ahhhh... the Good Old Days!

And then when I did finally get a computer in 1985... I got started on "Desk Top Publishing"... which essentially only made it easier to create "Copy". But with a "Dot-Matrix" Printer... the quality wasn't exactly too great. Actually, the Cut-&-Paste method was more professional.

Then came the Internet... The "World Wide Web"... Scanners... and Ink-Jet Printers. And while I could make "Copy" that was a lot more professional... I didn't need to. I had Psyber-Space to venture "out and into". And since the dawn of the 21st Century... things have never been the same.

For the Viewers of the SELF Expressions ePubs... it will be Interesting to see how the Publication obviously evolved from Its beginning in 1983 to the last Issue Published in the Summer of 2005. For the critical observer, there will be many "flaws" to be found. But I think for most people who are looking for "diamonds in the rough"... You will find some Treasures.


Best of Life, Love and Friendship...
and SELF Expressions


Lonnie Jay
Executive Director
SELF Expressions Unlimited